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The phrase that best summarizes the energy of scolecite is in a piece  these stones, in both tumbled and Crystal form, emanates a deep peace that can resonate through one's entire Auric Field . For those who wish to enhance meditation, sleep more restfully, or dream more sweetly, scolecite is highly recommended .  Holding a piece of scolecite to the third eye, one may experience a slow, rolling pulsation  of energy that feels almost like a massage to that chakra .  A sense of calm descends, and with it comes a feeling of Serenity that can gently lift one to higher planes of awareness.  If one has ever drifted off to the higher planes during a meditation, massage or energy treatment , this is akin to the feeling generated by scolecite .  The uplifting relaxed State bought about by scolecite is ideal for healing sessions, meditations, lucid dreaming  or restful sleep.  It offers protection from the intrusion of negative astral energies or entities,  as it lifts one to the higher vibrational planes.  For those who wish to activate the third eye and Crown chakra was,  this stone is a good alternative,  if Stones such as phenacite  and herderite I too intense .  In fact  using  scolecite along with phenacite or her the right can enhance the effects while softening the vibrational patterns .  Scolecite  is there a interdimensional  stone